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Frank's Baumwolle - yellow, spool

Frank's Baumwolle - yellow, spool

item no.: M - 03
Charge: 1406-515013
Price: 2,65 €
Yarn 30/3, 100 % mercerized cotton, 200 m
2,65 €
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This thin yarn is suited­ for fine laces.

The yarn consists of 100% mercerized cotton, dyed in Germany with pigments conforming the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

The denomination 30/3 stands for a three-thread yarn with yarn count NeB 30/3. The threads are yarned in S-direction and the yarn itself is twisted in Z-direction.

The yarn count can be converted or compared as following.

  amount (m) Nm NeB NeL
30/3 ca. 200 51/3 30/3 84/3

The identification of the yarn count in the different numbering systems was done by calculation through the follwing equations:

NeL = 1,65*Nm and NeB = 0,59*Nm.


Those very fine laces in principle should not be washed. Should it really be neccessary to clean them, one should consider the following advices:

  • in a flat bowl filled with soap water, moisten the lace carefully
  • dab the surface carefully with a sponge
  • lay the lace into clean water to rinse
  • if necessary repeat those steps
  • to dry the lace lay it flat on a cloth, eventually after that iron it carfully using an ironing-cloth


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